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Pelagic Flagship Beers

Brewing small, handcrafted batches of beer using high quality ingredients. Specializing in American Style Ales.


Pelagic Pale Ale


A crisp, delightfully but moderately hopped ale with a floral nose. This pale ale is a style of beer which is designed to be light and thirst quenching, with a moderate alcohol content.


Abv 5.6%

Honey Ginger Pale Ale

Currently brewed with honey from our own backyard bees, we would continue to offer this beer seasonally using local honey and ginger. 


Abv 5.8%

Pelagic Stout 

Pelagic Stout: this traditional American stout has a distinct roasted-chocolate flavor. This ale is fairly dry, medium bodied, and dark chocolate in color. 


Abv 5.2%

Pelagic IPA


Designed to satisfy the complex palate of a craft beer connoisseur. Hoppy and delicious, with pine and citrus notes, this beer will not disappoint. 


Abv 5.9%

Pelagic Session IPA


Pelagic Session IPA: your perfect day-drinking beer. Significantly lighter in alcohol than your traditional IPA. This is a single-hopped IPA, brewed with Cascade hops, producing a citrus flavor and aroma. It is is widely approved of by traditional and non-traditional IPA fans. 


Abv 4.0%

Seasonal Beers

Double IPA 
Robust, slightly malty, with an intense hop profile and a high alcohol content, this beer is for the hop-fanatic.
Coffee Porter
Brewed with coffee to yield a brilliant coffee aroma and porter taste. It even offers coffee lovers a slight caffeine fix.
Rosemary Wheat Ale

Brewed with rosemary from our garden and referred to as "focaccia beer" because it tastes like the most amazing focaccia beer you have ever had.

Cherry Stout
Brewed with NC cherries, this stout has a dark cherry hue and slightly fruity flavor. 
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